Hello Airbnb.
I'm Jordi Garcia, your new host through this little presentation!

I want to build new and useful stuff toghether with kickass people that care.

So I want to help you build Airbnb, managing and taking care of the IT systems all day long.

I've been a full-time Systems Administrator with lots of IT support for over 5 years.

Linux, MAC OS X, Windows, AWS, VMWare, CitriX, iOS, Android, Cisco, VoIP, SonicWall, LDAP/AD, MySQL, Apache, nginx, VB.NET, C/C++, PHP, MySQL, Python, HTML, CSS, jQuery, JavaScript, Actionscript ...

All started with an old Amstrad CPC.

But I can't forget my i386 with a turbo button. They make me love tech since a very young age.

I managed my first UNIX server when I was 12.

I rent a big UNIX server and then I create small game servers for others to pay my bills.

I taught myself almost everything I know about computer systems and coding.

Most aswesome things I've ever done.

I was hired before finishing school.

I got my first job in one of the most important banking institutions in Spain. Now we have a world financial crisis... :(

Founded and built AreaBalonmano.com

An eCommerce company selling handball products all over the world! After 2 years I sold it to an investor to have more time to keep creating amazing things that maybe someday could change the world.

Nowadays, I left a great job at Masats S.A. just to make a dream come true.

I desire to work abroad in a top company like Airbnb and gather a lot of experience and knowlege at the same time we create an amazing service that helps people find and rent space over the net.

Why Airbnb?

Because I'm a proud user of this service, I like it and I feel one more of the community. What will be more exiting of being part of this team and work for a product I love?

2012 © Jordi Garcia Godia